House of Dignity 1 & 2

FTS provides transitional housing and supportive services for a minimum of fifteen households comprised of disabled and non-disabled women in SPA-6 who are victims of domestic violence. The program provides and coordinates on and off-site supportive services through a network of service providers.


Transitional Housing

FTS also focuses on the provision of transitional housing and supportive services - including social model substance abuse recovery services - to homeless, mentally ill, and substance abusing men in South Central Los Angeles.


Housing Navigation

Housing Navigation is the largest component of our work in helping individuals and families !nd appropriate housing that suits their specific needs. Each client has unique housing needs, constraints, and preferences. When a person is referred to Housing Navigation, a Housing Coordinator helps to create an individual housing plan with input from the client and everyone involved with that person is plan of care. Housing Coordinators help clients with their decision-making by discussing their finances, credit history, supportive service needs, household composition, and other background relevant to their housing choices.


Rapid Rehousing Services

Rapid re-housing is an intervention, informed by the Housing First module that is a critical part of a community's effective response to the homeless crisis. Rapid re-housing rapidly connects families and individuals experiencing homelessness to permanent housing through an individual tailored package of assistance that may include the use of time-limited financial assistance and supportive services.


Winter Shelter

FTS operates three winter shelters (SPA 5) for LAHSA between the months of October and March. The WSP is instituted yearly during the coldest and wettest months. These three sites offer persons experiencing homelessness with temporary overnight shelter meals and help connecting to supportive services and stable housing.


We exist to make a difference in the Los Angeles Community; our mission is to provide comprehensive substance abuse treatment recovery services and supportive services to economically disadvantaged individuals that suffer from substance abuse, mental illness, and homelessness.