The Ridleys

A Story from One of Our Clients

Prior to being referred for temporary housing to First to Serve, Inc (FTS), William K Ridley Jr and his wife Sharron L Ridley were homeless for 3-4 years of their 17-year marriage. In addition to their homeless status, when they arrived at FTS on February 28th, 20176, they were both unemployed and reliant on General Relief financial assistance. Once stabilized and acclimated to the environment, the Ridley's began to utilize the supportive services at First to Serve and made every effort to consistently purse the referrals. They also made progressive steps (given to them from their FTS Crisis Housing Program Manager Eric Ransome) to becoming self-sufficient again. image

Though at times discouraged by the slow pace of their job search efforts, they pressed on nevertheless and were both able to obtain gainful employment (full-time work for William and part-time for Sharon). Despite sometimes struggling, the couple fought very hard to overcome the obstacles in their path, fulfill the goals they set out for themselves and achieve their ultimate objective - permanent housing. On July 15, 2017 they signed the lease and received the keys to their new apartment.

Suffice to say, the Ridleys are very grateful and appreciative of the unconditional love and support they received during their 5-month stay here at First to Serve, Inc and we wish them the best of luck going forward in their new home. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ridley!