L.A. considers cutting through red tape to get homeless people housed faster

Emily Reyes & Doug Smith

As Los Angeles politicians face mounting pressure to combat the homelessness crisis, the City Council is weighing two measures aimed at clearing obstacles to getting more people into housing. But the proposed laws have stirred up concerns among critics who fear they will muzzle neighbors or concentrate homeless housing into specific neighborhoods.

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Rick Reed's "First to Serve" answers call for South L.A.'s underserved

Xavier Higgs

The devastation of drug and alcohol addiction is all too real in the communities of South Los Angeles. Many lack the resources necessary to overcome these diseases. In these communities, Black and Brown addicts are often overlooked and casted away unsympathetically.But the national attitude toward drug addiction is entirely different.

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Entrepreneurial Strategies to House the Homeless

Daisy Lin

You don't normally associate entrepreneurs with potential solutions to homelessness. That's exactly what Joe Patel, managing partner of Nikki Investments, a real estate development group, wants to change. "If we don't become part of the solution then who do we turn to? You can't just rely on the government, " Patel says.The recently released 2017 Homeless Count shows the homeless population soared 23 percent last year in Los Angeles County, and there are now 57,794 people living in cars, shelters, and on the streets.

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Service center opens to combat South L.A. homelessness

Dorany Pineda

SOUTH LOS ANGELES — Mayor Eric Garcetti and other community dignitaries celebrated the March 13 grand opening of the Broadway Manchester Service Center, an office space for caseworkers serving the homeless and low-income populations in South Los Angeles. The service center is a collaboration between the nonprofits St. Joseph Center and First to Serve, which provide services to homeless and low-income families, people with substance abuse problems and others.

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